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Introducing the TFH 1180, Brothers 8 - a brand new release. Discovered in 2021 along a frontage road under a power/traffic light pole, this beautiful dark skinned fig was unfortunately cut down before fruit confirmation. However, it came back from the roots and we have recently confirmed it to be a female. When biting into this fig, you'll experience a pleasant pop and be greeted with a berry-forward, juicy interior. A must-have for any fig enthusiast

TFH 1180, Brothers 8

PriceFrom $35.00
  • All cuttings are 6 inches or longer, with 3 or more nodes.  All cuttings will be freshly sealed at time of shipping. This was an older find, but was never released. For the sake of transparency, we cannot yet confirm if it is common. Cuttings have been sent out of the area for growing and confirmation.

The Fig Hunter