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Dunaidh is a new release for 2023.  Though found several years ago, we have decided to make this available.  The mother tree is found along i-5, peeking out from a dense grove of oaks and eucalyptus.  It grows as a large bush-style tree, with branches that reach through field fence in some places.  


Dunaidh has a "peach fuzz" type skin, that is thin but also has a pleasant "pop" when biting in to the fruit.  The figs of this variety have a surprisingly syrupy interior, with notes of berry and honey.   

TFH 460, Dunaidh

  • All cuttings are 6 inches or longer, with 3 or more nodes.  All cuttings will be freshly sealed at time of shipping. This was an unreleased 2019 find, and for the sake of transparency, we cannot yet confirm if it is common. Cuttings have been sent out of the area for growing and confirmation.

The Fig Hunter