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Red Bluff Round-Up has a very interesting history.  We found this fig in between concrete slabs of an old stock yard.  This stock yard was in use in the 1940's through the 1980's.  Since it's abandonement, this tree has sprouted in what is left.  


Its a small, firm fig, that is lightly sweet and on the brown sugar side of flavor.  Not particularly seedy, and had a nice gelatinous texture.  

TFH 801, Red Bluff Round-Up

PriceFrom $13.50
  • All cuttings are 6 inches or longer, with 3 or more nodes.  All cuttings will be freshly sealed at time of shipping. This was a 2020 find, and for the sake of transparency, we cannot yet confirm if it is common. Cuttings have been sent out of the area for growing and confirmation.

The Fig Hunter