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UPDATE:  Mother tree is dying due to drought!


Hope is a resilient wild fig tree, that grows on top of bedrock.  If the seed had dropped 50 feet to the west, this tree would have sprouted in the lush bank of the Sacramento River.  Instead, it was found on a rock hillside, with roots spanning across the rock surface at 5+ feet at a time just to touch a small patch of dirt.


Hope is a two-bite, chestnut colored fig.  Sweet like brown sugar, with light seed crunch and skin is on the thinner side.

TFH 715, Hope

PriceFrom $15.00
  • All cuttings are 6 inches or longer, with 3 or more nodes.  All cuttings will be freshly sealed at time of shipping. This was a 2020 find, and for the sake of transparency, we cannot yet confirm if it is common. Cuttings have been sent out of the area for growing and confirmation.

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