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Pebblestone UNK is a tree we came upon while heading to pick up the Burke girls from school.  According to the owner, it was planted over 50 years ago, because his wife loved figs.  She has since passed, but he still has fondness for the overgrown tree.  It bears similaries to the celeste variety fig, though we cannot speculate that is the actual variety.  The figs seem to dehydrate well on the tree, as you can see from the photos.  The ripened fruit is light and sweet, with just the slightest hint of berry.  

TFH 1077, Pebblestone UNK

PriceFrom $6.30
  • All cuttings are 6 inches or longer, with 3 or more nodes.  All cuttings will be freshly sealed at time of shipping. For the sake of transparency, we believe it to be based on owner information. Cuttings have been sent out of the area for growing and confirmation.

The Fig Hunter