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     My name is David Burke and I live in Tehama County at the very north end of the Sacramento Valley. However, I was born, raised, and lived until few years ago, in the city of Napa in The Napa Valley. I work primarily in heavy construction as a Union Pile Driver of Local 34 out of Oakland,Ca, one of the oldest Pile Driving Unions. With this type of work, I travel a lot all over Northern California.

     I started in the fig hunting hobby a few years ago because it was a fun thing to do after work . It also allowed me to take figs home to my family . We own 11 acres, and we had a 1 acre market garden going along with raising poultry and Berkshire hogs. We were looking for something to add to the property; 

because I was finding fig trees we went with them.

     I started recording videos and putting them on YouTube after being recommend to do so. We started  the “ Fig Hunters” YouTube channel, named for what we were doing, and name The Fig Hunter was because someone once told me that "you really are The Fig Hunter."  We do this as a family; It allows us to enjoy a hobby together and most times it happens just driving down the road.

     We have found wild fig trees from Disneyland to Oregon, though most our finds are in the San Francisco Bay Area to Redding. We follow strict, long established, naming guidelines of the fig community. We freely name seedling figs, while documenting the trees so as to be able to verify that they are a true seedling. If we can’t tell with certainty that it is a seedling ( 100 year old trees ), we might name the road and unknown if only for our own records . You may ask how can we tell it wasn’t planted? We use the method of possibilities if a tree is in a spot such as growing out of a rock the chances are it’s not planted. We do our diligence and research; the hours spent pouring over photos is exhausting. Most important we are doing this because it’s fun to share with others and the adventure .

     We are a registered nursery, listed under our farm. The end goal is to have a legacy to pass to our children, as a fig farm in Northern California. We look forward to chatting and visiting, if you have any questions just ask. You can find The Fig Hunter on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, and Tumblr. You can also  join in on the figventure with us on YouTube. Please ,like ,subscribe, and follow.

So find a fig make a friend; plant a fig make a friend forever


- The Fig Hunter


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